Design Services

Need help deciding what size art piece is perfect for your wall?

The style, size and look of the image you choose to display in your space is so important and sometimes it can be difficult to imaging how the final piece will fit. So i want to make sure it’s the right look and feel for you. Most of the images in our collection are based on color or element. So perhaps you want a tranquil and relaxed blue water image. Or It could be that you want creative conversation piece because you share a connection with the destination captured in one of our images. Maybe you want the piece to say something about you! All these things are taken into consideration when investing in art. There are also others, like room size, paint colors and lighting, which play a vital roll in choosing the perfect piece(s). So I'm happy to offer this free design service to help you make the right choice.

The best way to get started in this process is to simply measure the H x W of the wall you are considering and take a quick photo (even with a cell phone). Once you send me this information I can create a photoshop mockup of how a certain image will look at a specific size on your wall. I can even show you several versions of different size and color options. No wall is to big!